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จำหน่ายผลิตภัณฑ์ Janitza Thailand


lSO 9001:2008
Fully type – tested ” SlVACON ”
SlEMENS technology
lEC 60439-1 type – tested Switchboard 3000 – 5000A
TlS 1436 – 2540 ( มอก )

The strong commitment to continue
offering only the best quality products,
services and technical supports.


    Low Voltage Switchboard in accordance with lEC 60439-1 (1999)

    Arc fault tested according to lEC 61641

    Type – tested standard modules (TTA) for building technologies,
    industrial systems and Marine applicattion. For distribution
    boards and Motor Control Center in fixed mounted, wtihdrawable
    and semi withdrawable type

    Know-how of technological leader SlEMENS and trade name
    product of high quality

    Locally manufactured by authorized SlVACON Technology